Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank Cryogenic LNG Vessel Cylinders

Cryogenic LNG cylinders need short filling time, large-caliber product design, short filling time, no need to wait for a long time anymore.

Product Item:LNG Vehicle CylinderModel:LNGWorking Pressure:1.59 Mpa


Advantages of LNG Gas Cylinder

1. Long-term heat preservation: high vacuum degree, low exhaust frequency, two years vacuum guarantee, better than competitors.

2. High Safety: There is no leakage while using. It is not dangerous when being baked in the fire for 40 mins, dropping down from 10 m height, hit by 100 km/h. The gas cylinder frame fit the special installation requirements of the LNG automobiles and adapt to any complex conditions.

3. High stability: The gas cylinder output pressure in the gas supply system and matching degree of the valves is more stable.

Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank Cryogenic LNG Vessel Cylinders Horizontal Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank Cryogenic LNG Vessel Cylinders
LNG  Gas Cylinder for Vehicle
V(l)500L500L-I750L850L 995L995L-I
OD(mm)φ658 φ708φ858φ858φ858φ908
Max Filling Weight(Kg)190190250282330330
Weight With LNG(Kg)455--465455-465650-653 722-725820-823820-823
Continuation of   Journey(Km)485-530485-530710-780800-880940-1000 940-1000
System AssemblyWeight(Kg)≈720≈732≈918≈987≈1082≈1082
NotesHigh capacity LNG gas cylinder can   meet the limited weight requirements for heavy truck


Applicable models of LNG cylinder,

Main engine factory: The range of applied vehicles is tractor, bus, dump truck, flatbed truck, etc.; the volume of gas cylinders is 350L-530L, all of which are small; Side mount.

Modification plant: The application range is relatively wide, mainly tractors and mining trucks, which have formed batches; other dump trucks, high-speed tractors, mobile power generation equipment, marine use, etc. are all involved, which are verified by tests;