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AUYAN Technology takes you to understand type IV hydrogen cylinder

2022-10-26 17:10:15

AUYAN Technology takes you to understand type IV hydrogen cylinder

With excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement corrosion, lighter weight, lower cost, and higher mass hydrogen storage density and cycle life, type IV hydrogen storage cylinders have become the "new darling" of the fuel cell vehicle industry.

Compared with the traditional type III bottle, the type IV hydrogen storage bottle has the advantages of long life, lightweight, high production efficiency, and large cost potential.

As a "pioneer" in the manufacture of new energy equipment, AUYAN Technology takes the lead in the development of IV-type bottles, subverts existing products, quickly fills the domestic gap, tackles the problem of "stuck neck", and solves the technical pain points of IV-type bottles.

Technological breakthrough 1: Obtained patent for the sealing performance technology of plastic liner and metal bottle nozzle

The special design (the company's invention patent ZL 201010188786.6) and the matching process solve the sealing problem of the connection between plastic and metal and ensure the safety and reliability of the four-type bottle.

Technological breakthrough 2: optimization and upgrading of carbon fiber winding technology

Using the finite element stress analysis technology, the winding internal pressure design is optimized, and the self-patented winding tooling is used to realize continuous, controllable, and variable pressure fiber winding.

Technical breakthrough 3: ensure product quality consistency

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the German technical team, and an intelligent assembly line with an annual output of 100,000 will be built to ensure the consistency of product quality output.

In the application of product technology, advanced technology is adopted, and new processes of blow molding and rotational molding are adopted respectively according to the different characteristics of CHG IV bottles and IV hydrogen storage bottles.

High standards of 60L -70MPa products to achieve the advantages of high safety, high quality, ultra-economical, ultra-long-acting, ultra-intelligent, and ultra-friendly.

At present, AUYAN Technology has successfully obtained ECE R110 and ISO11439 export certification, completed the export qualification certification of 220L, 235L, 265L, and 305L, and realized the batch export sales of overseas 305L IV bottle CHG gas cylinder supply system.