High Pressure Equipment Hydrogen Tank Type III IV CHG Cylinders for Vehicles

Auyan is committed to the application of natural gas and hydrogen-related clean energy. Business scope covers the manufacturing of low-temperature equipment and intelligent gas supply for new energy vehicles.


The hydrogen fuel cell is a device that directly converts the chemical energy of hydrogen into electrical energy. It has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, lightweight, and low noise, and has become an important direction for the development of new energy vehicles. High-pressure container hydrogen storage has become the main onboard hydrogen storage method for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles due to its simple structure, high hydrogen storage density, and fast filling and discharge speed. On-board hydrogen cylinders are the main hydrogen carrying equipment on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The advantage of the AUYAN Hydrogen cylinder is lightweight, impermeable Type III cylinder technology, coupled with the high-precision gas-flow control provided by our qualified high-pressure hydrogen valve. The result is a certified, cost-effective hydrogen-storage solution that is ideal for private and fleet automobiles, transit buses, fuel-cell forklifts, stationary storage, and bulk-hauling applications.

CNG gas cylinder.png

No.NameModelHigh Pressure/MpaThe outer diameter of the inner bladder/mmCylinder outer   diameter/mmLength/mmWater volume/L
III Type CHG Gas Cylinder140L Prototype   CylinderCHG3-346-140-35S/A353463761800140
140L CN Standard CylinderCHG3-345-140-35S/A353453751790140
170L Gas CylinderCHG3-383-170-35S/A353834151790170
210L Gas CylinderCHG3-383-210-35S/A353834152140210
190L Gas CylinderCHG3-383-190-35S/A353834151950190
IV Type CHG Gas Cylinder235L Gas CylinderCNG4-C-450-235-20S20450188023558
265L Gas CylinderCNG4-C-450-265-20S20450207026565
305L Gas CylinderCNG4-C-450-305-20S20450240030575
230L Gas CylinderCHG4-C-460-230-35S35460190023076
260L Gas CylinderCHG4-C-460-260-35S35460210026090
66L Gas CylinderCHG4-C-356-66-70T704109656645

High Pressure Equipment Hydrogen Tank Type III IV CHG Cylinders for Vehicles High Pressure Equipment Hydrogen Tank Type III IV CHG Cylinders for Vehicles

Hydrogen cylinders' application around the world:

Numerous hydrogen storage systems fitted with hydrogen cylinders and H2 valves are operating in the market. For instance, the bus hydrogen cylinder is operating throughout Europe as part of the Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE) project. H2 cylinders were also used on hydrogen-powered commuter buses during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, also include the automobile section, more and more world-class automobile manufacturers have applied the hydrogen cylinder to the car or bus projects.

AUYAN hydrogen cylinder is the ideal solution for applications requiring fill pressure are used for:

1. Fuel-cell vehicles.

2. Resupplying stationary hydrogen refueling stations.

3. Refueling remote hydrogen fuel-cell applications and sites.